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The Diadora Skin-Friendly T-Shirt - your ultimate workout partner. This high-performance thermal shirt is designed to keep you dry and warm, enabling you to push your limits whether you're running, cycling, or hitting the gym. Made in Italy, Diadora brings you the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and performance.


  • 75% Polyamid (PA) and 25% Polypropylen (PP): This superior fabric blend offers an optimal balance of durability, softness, and protection, ensuring your comfort throughout your workout.
  • Antibacterial: Stay fresh during and after your intense workouts, thanks to the shirt's antibacterial properties that prevent odor buildup.
  • Made in Italy: Rest assured that you're getting top-quality craftsmanship typical of Italian products, ensuring maximum satisfaction and longevity.

Experience Unmatched Comfort

With its seamless design, the Diadora Skin-Friendly T-Shirt will feel like a second skin, preventing any irritations or chafing during your activities. The micro-perforations incorporated within the fabric increase breathability, allowing you to stay dry and comfortable no matter how intense your workout gets.

Minimalistic Design with Subtle Diadora Logos

The Diadora logos on the front and back of the shirt are intricately crafted using micro-perforations, adding to the overall clean and minimalistic design of the shirt.