Women's Endorphin Elite

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Color - SLIME

It takes bravery to take action and push yourself or an idea beyond the boundaries of what's familiar. Whether it's a personal goal, a business venture, or something else entirely‚ when we step outside our comfort zones to explore uncharted waters we demonstrate true courage.

  • Introducing PWRRUN, the superfoam that arms Endorphin Elite athletes with the rebound needed to crush their goals. Built exclusively for them, it features a dynamic slotted toe design crafted in an ultra-lightweight carbon plate which follows your every move and flexes right along with you. Sealed off by an innovative second skin fit upper layer providing unrivaled support without distractions - this technology won't let anything slow you down!
  • Category: Neutral/Race Day
  • Drop: 8mm
  • Weight: Men's 7.2 oz (204g) Women's 6.5oz (185g)