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The Nike Rival Sprint

Burst out of the starting blocks and sprint towards the finish line with a spike that's built for speed. Its durable yet lightweight upper offers the essential support needed to navigate the bends and straightaways of the track. Experience the force and propulsion of the forefoot plate as you rise onto your toes and dash towards the tape.

Stay Light on Your Feet

Enhanced with an updated 3/4-length plate, these shoes are designed to be lightweight, snappy, and provide sturdy support to keep you sprinting effortlessly on your toes.

Stick and Sprint with Confidence

Featuring six replaceable spikes, these shoes offer optimal traction on all track surfaces. The lightweight ceramic aluminum material ensures durability for long-lasting performance.

Experience Added Benefits

With rubber cushioning at the heel, these shoes provide both comfort and durability for your footstrike, while also offering traction for controlled braking after races. The midfoot band ensures a dynamic and secure lace-up fit, providing support throughout the arch. Plus, the forefoot mesh, reinforced for breathability and durability, keeps your feet cool and protected.


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