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Discover the ultimate comfort and fit for your running shoes and sneakers with CURREX® RUNPRO™ insoles. Ideal for both new and recreational runners, these athletic insoles offer unrivaled comfort, reduced fatigue, enhanced stability, and faster regeneration – all for better performance. Experience optimized movement and flexible arch support with CURREX dynamic insoles, designed to keep you running at your best. Say goodbye to uncomfortable runs and hello to improved mile times and the ability to go the extra mile.

CURREX® RUNPRO™ insoles offer a customized fit for your shoes with three dynamic profiles: LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. Each profile is designed with a unique shape, arch height, and flex to provide anatomic support and optimize your movement. Discover the perfect fit for your arch and elevate your running performance today!

  • Flexible support and shock absorbing cushioning
  • Dynamic arch support insole with a deep decoupled heel cup
  • Rebound cushioning and controlled power transmission
  • Performance insoles feature a zero heel drop
  • Helps manage moisture