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The Nike Rival Multi

The Nike Zoom Rival is built to withstand intense, grueling practice sessions throughout the season while providing the necessary support to excel on meet day. With added heel cushioning and a lightweight, durable upper, these spikes are designed to help you perform at your best. Not sure which events are your strong suit? No worries, these versatile shoes have got you covered for sprints, hurdles, jumps, and pole vault. So lace up and dominate the competition with confidence.

Comfort at the Heel

With the addition of a heel cushion, you'll experience unrivaled comfort during short and middle distances, as well as during hurdles and jumps. This cushion not only provides durability for your footstrike but also offers excellent traction for post-race braking.

Stay on Your Toes

Our updated 3/4-length plate is designed to be lightweight yet snappy, providing you with the aggressive sturdiness needed to keep you sprinting on your toes.

Stick and Sprint

Experience optimal traction on all track surfaces with our six replaceable spikes. Crafted from lightweight ceramic aluminum material, these spikes not only offer durability but also enhance your performance.

Midfoot Containment

Achieve a dynamic lace-up fit and the necessary supportive containment for all events with our arch band, which securely locks the midfoot in place. Additionally, the heel is supported by no-sew overlays, while overlays on the toe tip ensure durability in high-wear areas.


  • Category: Sprint, Mid-Distance, Jumps