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Mizuno Wave Creation 25 SSW

This shoe features Mizuno's proprietary Infinity Wave at the heel for a blend of cushioning and stability, complemented by Mizuno Enerzy Foam across the midsole to boost cushioning and energy rebound.

Cushion: High | Support: Neutral
Heel-to-Toe Drop: 15mm (42mm | 26mm)
Weight: 10.1 oz (Women's) | 12.2 oz (Men's)

Product Features

  • Infinity Wave Plate - Taking Wave technology to new heights with improved visibility and effectiveness. This cutting-edge Wave innovation offers exceptional cushioning and durability, effectively absorbing and dispersing impact upon each foot strike.
  • Mizuno Enerzy Foam - Offering versatility in application, while maintaining a balance of softness and resilience to enhance performance capabilities.
  • Mizuno Wave® - The Mizuno Wave® plate efficiently disperses energy from impact, providing a stable platform and superior cushioning across a broader area.
  • X10 Outsole - Crafted from durable carbon rubber, ensuring extended wear without compromising performance.
  • Smooth Stretch Woven - Crafted to guide stretching direction during running for optimal performance, Smooth Stretch Woven adjusts to your foot, ensuring proper foot positioning.
  • Made with recycled content.