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The Craft Active Extreme X Wind Boxer Baselayer - the ultimate solution for endurance athletes and thrill-seekers who refuse to be stopped by cold and windy conditions. These high-performance boxer briefs aren't just another layer; they're an essential addition to your workout arsenal, ensuring you can take on even the most challenging environments with confidence, efficiency, and maximum comfort.

Stay Warm with Advanced Technology: Our lightweight, flexible channel-knitted fabric is designed to trap air, providing exceptional warmth without weighing you down. Outfitted with elastic wind-protection panels in the critical crotch area, never worry about cutting winds compromising your comfort or performance during high-intensity workouts.

Seamless Movement, Unrivaled Comfort: Experience the freedom of unhindered mobility, thanks to the ergonomically designed flatlock seams that follow your body's movements as you push your limits. The Craft Active Extreme X Wind Boxer Baselayer's slim fit ensures a sleek, non-bulky feel under your training gear.

Master Your Body's Climate: Our expertly engineered combination of Coolmax® Air Technology, 40% Polyester SeaQual, 39% Polyester "Coolmax", and 21% recycled Polyester offers top-notch body-temperature management, delivering superior cooling and moisture transport to keep you feeling fresh and focused during your most grueling workouts.

Make an Eco-Friendly Choice: Stand proud in your commitment to sustainability, knowing that your baselayer is made from 100% recycled marine plastics. With the Craft Active Extreme X Wind Boxer Baselayer, you're not only protecting yourself from harsh weather conditions but also contributing to a better future for our planet and oceans.

Don't let cold, windy days hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. Stay warm, dry, and focused with the Craft Active Extreme X Wind Boxer Baselayer, designed exclusively for those who never settle for second best.