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Swiftwick Flite XT Zero Tab Sock

Swiftwick's FLITE XT® is their most advanced sock yet, perfect for a range of activities demanding stability. It boasts AnkleLock™ Technology for ankle support during repetitive motions. The GripDry™ Fiber in the heel and forefoot, composed of minute nanofibers, clings to your shoes, reducing slippage. This fiber, combined with Swiftwick's moisture-wicking Olefin fiber, keeps you dry and blister-free. With medium cushioning for comfort across various activities and gentle arch compression for sustained support, this sock is versatile and reliable.

Product Features

  • AnkleLock™ Technology: Utilizes durable elastic material to envelop your ankle and heel, delivering precise support for safeguarding during agile movements.
  • Arch Band Support: Preserves form, secures sock placement, and gently bolsters the arch for added comfort.
  • Mesh Upper: Enhances ventilation and breathability, ensuring coolness for the feet.
  • Seamless Toe Box: Ensures a snug fit around the toes, eliminating any friction for enhanced comfort.
  • Micro Tab: Shields the heel from contacting the shoe back, offering protection.
  • Y-shaped Heel: Provides a secure fit that moves in harmony with your foot, preventing bunching or slipping.
  • Full Olefin Footbed: Quickly wicks away moisture to guard against abrasions.
  • GripDry™ Fiber: Incorporates Swiftwick's Nanofiber with micro treads for increased surface area, friction, and grip in the heel and forefoot, enhancing stability.
  • Flex Channels: Constructed with Olefin in the forefoot to enhance flexibility and moisture control.

62% Nylon | 21% Olefin | 13% Polyester | 4% Spandex

Machine Wash Cold | Tumble Dry Low