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The Nike Zoom Rival Sprint is a spike specifically designed for speed. Suitable for both men and women, the shoe is perfect for events from 60 to 400 meters, including hurdles, long jump and pole vault.

The upper of the shoe has mesh in the forefoot and partial reinforcements for better containment and longevity. There is a band around the arch of the foot for extra support. Together with the dynamic lacing system, this keeps the midfoot in place. The seamless overlays in turn give more support to the heel and give extra firmness at the toe box.

The midsole has a redesigned 3/4 length plate which makes the shoe light, bouncy and sturdy enough to sprint on your toes. It stimulates forward movement and provides a lot of grip when sprinting.

The outsole has 6 replaceable hard steel spikes and a rubber heel for cushioning and durability. Together, the heel and the spikes provide the necessary grip so that you can brake well after the race.