About Us - Meet The Staff

Meet the Staff

Thomas Faulkner joined the Athletic Annex staff during the summer of 2005. In addition to being a devoted runner, he has an acute knowledge of personal wellness, and a passion for strength and endurance training. Having trained for distanced ranging up to a half marathon, Thomas enjoys running competitively but prefers to run simply for the enjoyment of it. It’s not uncommon to see him running through Eagle Creek with his dog Cora. Whether you are a long time marathon runner or a walker looking to start a new fitness routine Thomas has the knowledge and experience to get you on the right track!

Bryan Phillips began running and competing on the roads, track, and cross country in middle school. He continued throughout his high school and collegiate years and still runs and trains most days. Although Bryan comes from a competitive background, he enjoys helping and serving customers of all abilities and backgrounds. Whether you are new to exercise and fitness, or looking for advice and tips to get to the next level, Bryan will meet your footwear and fitness needs.

Lindsey Hein joined the Athletic Annex staff as Manager of Media and Communications. Lindsey brings a wealth of experience and has been involved in the running community for several years. Prior to joining the Athletic Annex- Lindsey served in various Communications rolls in the Indianapolis non-profit community, most recently as the Director of Communications for Back on My Feet Indianapolis. She has completed 13 marathons and has also coached dozens of athletes through both the the Indy Women’s training program and Out for a Run Training- a coaching business that she owns with her husband Glenn.