Bob Weddle, founder and co-owner of the Athletic Annex has started a group made up of older runners….Senior Runners Group. The Group meets monthly to explore the unique training issues confronted by older runners. Speakers from outside the group as well as members present the newest information on how to keep running forever injury free! Members connect with old friends and meet new friends as well as share racing and training experiences. Bob also works personally, at no charge, with older runners to modify their training programs to run injury free. He is a certified by the Road Runner Club of America as a Running Coach and has his certification as a Personal Trainer by the AFPA.

As a supplement to the group, Bob has started a blog for senior runners… and is also on Twitter @seniorrunnerbob. If you are interested in being a part of the group or just meeting for coffee to talk about running, email Bob at or call him at (317) 695-7975.